Connecting the outside world to the JVM


Connect to any number of Java Virtual Machines (JVM's) and query them for their attributes without writing a single line of Java code.


The JmxTransformer engine is fully multithreaded right out of the box. By default, up to 10 servers are queried at the same time.

Multiple Modes

There are two primary modes for using jmxtrans. The first is to use the JmxTransformer engine included with the distribution or use the API mode.


Create cron-like schedules by allowing the jmxtrans engine to read and process .json files


Use JSON to help quickly monitor metrics in Sun/Oracle Hotspot heap, memory-pools, and threads or Apache Tomcat 6, 7, and JBoss App servers AJP/HTTP Pools and Data Sources


Among other Writers, you can configure jmxtrans to use the GraphiteWriter to generate visual data in the forma of a graph quickly.